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All the petitions are in and I am now the only official candidate on the ballot to run for Rich Nugent’s open seat!

We are thrilled to announce that your Democratic congressional candidate Dave Koller announced today that his campaign has collected enough signed voter petitions to be placed on the November ballot. Dave is the first candidate for the Congressional District 11 House of Representatives to qualify.

I could not have done this without the dedicated group of grassroots volunteers that worked tirelessly throughout our community. They dedicated their time and efforts to make sure that I am on the ballot for the 2016 Congressional race. I am very grateful and humbled by their ongoing commitment.

Collecting the 2,298 signatures was vital, but we are not done. I need your support to run my grassroots campaign in the 11th District. Please donate to my campaign so we can continue to move forward and bring about much needed change. If you would like more information on what I stand for please visitKoller2016.com. I would also like you to join the conversation and let me know what is important to you and how I can support you as your Congressman.

For additional information, contact the campaign at 352-354-9799.