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People Before Politics

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Who Is Dave Koller?

“I have spent my career advocating for the most vulnerable in our society. I believe in order to be a thriving America we need to pay attention to all of our citizens.” I'm a community business owner, a husband and a father... I have lived in Florida for twenty years, and have built my career by working with others to get things done.
My campaign is a grassroots effort. The experience and energy that I bring to my business, supported by dedicated volunteers and citizens just like you, will allow our campaign to tackle the issues and make a difference.

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"With the help of my community, I want to create change."

Why Am I Running?

I'm running because when your country calls to you, you answer. I understand that it is not just about reaching across an aisle, but about working in the aisle, that's where the people's work is done. We are a nation of compromise, neither right, nor left can be the direction of the United States. I'm running because we need people who know the job is bigger than themselves. I understand the awe of this job, the trust that would be placed in me if I'm elected. I won't betray that trust. As your Congressman, I will fight for the issues that you care about, including:

  • Keeping our promises to Seniors and Veterans. I will fight to stop the privatization of the VA, Social Security and Medicare. Our veterans and seniors are not for sale. This is the promise we made, this is the promise we need to keep.
  • Equality of Opportunity for everyone. Without the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment, this opportunity cannot be realized.
  • Increasing the Living Wage to ensure that anyone who works a full-time schedule earns enough to support their own welfare.
  • Investment in Infrastructure to assist in ensuring both financial and environmental benefits, as well as providing a source of employment.
  • Protecting our Environment - including our precious natural water supply - is necessary.
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  • defeat racism
  • defeat climate change