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Are you represented

YOU should ask yourself this question. YOU should have the answer before you vote.

Does your vote work for you? Does it work for your family? Are the issues being addressed important to you, your family, your business and America’s future?

If your answer is “No” or “I’m not sure,” please join me in a constructive exchange about rebuilding the United States. Only through working together can we rebuild our nation and bring back the middle class.

If you are not being represented, I want to hear from you. I want to know your needs. At the same time, it’s also important for you to know who I am, my philosophy, and how I want to work with you to build a community to begin healing our nation. There are many who complain about politicians who create problems, but I believe politicians working within their communities are the key to our solutions.

Throughout this campaign, I will advocate for all Americans, supporting them, encouraging them to enjoy the opportunities of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All those who are willing to work hard should be able to achieve their part of the American Dream.

Let me make this clear.  I am a Democrat, but my loyalty is with my community and the country that I love. My goal as your representative in Congress is to work with others, on both sides of the aisle, to create legislation that will address the needs of all Americans, not just the elite. These aren’t just political words. As a businessman I have learned to work successfully with many different people. I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility and accountability. I will not tolerate the abuse and waste of any taxpayer dollars.

Campaign Reform



Are you getting the best representation money can buy? This is the most serious issue our nation faces today. How can a government for the people and by the people function when the people are being removed from the governing process? Candidates of all party affiliations are blatantly bought by mega corporations. In the past, lobbyists for energy, financial or big Pharma influenced Congress, but since Citizens United their influence outweighs you and me. All of these multi-national special interests threaten the freedoms we so dearly treasure. Their money-based interests are tearing apart the fabric that holds our nation together.

Citizens United needs to be overturned immediately. Money is NOT speech, and corporations are NOT people. Until the flow of unlimited, unaccountable dark money flooding our democracy is stopped, government by the people and for the people will cease to exist in the United States.

Are You Being Represented?

local economy

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Do you have a small business? Small businesses are still recovering from the 2007-2009 recession. Small
businesses that were once part of our communities for decades are gone. Many were closed when the mega banks crashed our economy. Last year 400,000 small businesses opened but 470,000 closed. Why? In some areas, big box stores crushed the competition. These companies are enjoying record profits and expansions. They owe their allegiance to the stockholders, not their community. Our neighbors who work in the big box stores are paid minimum wage. How can a capitalist economy survive when wages can barely meet the demands for food, clothing, and shelter? If American capitalism is intended for every American, then small businesses and an entrepreneurial spirit should be available to every one.

Are you paying the least in taxes? With our current tax code, tax breaks and incentives are created that support only the largest and richest of corporations. No small business can compete with such a one-sided approach. It is ridiculous that much of the tax breaks go to huge corporations. It’s worse when many of them choose to operate overseas to further avoid taxation by the United States.

Small businesses need our help to insure a healthy local economy. It’s time to create a tax system to promote the majority of our fellow Americans. If mega corporations are rich enough to buy our politicians and create laws that only support their own economic statis, they are rich enough to pay a fair percentage as they did in the 1950s.

Are You Being Represented?


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Are your roads safe? We MUST address America’s infrastructure and make the much needed repairs and upgrades that are necessary to ensure a safe and prosperous country. We cannot continue ignoring the problem and voting down projects. Many of our nation’s bridges have reached or surpassed their life expectancy. They are too dangerous to use. Our roads are deteriorating. Have you been on I-95 going north? This major commercial route is full of potholes. Our rail system is antiquated and dangerous. The rest of the world is passing us by because we have lagged behind in crucial maintenance and updating. Although it will be a vast undertaking, it will also be an investment in the United States. Millions of workers will be employed in well-paying jobs. Arteries of commerce will be more efficient once the work is completed.

I believe that our tax dollars should be invested in the United States and its people. How?

• Infrastructure to ensure safe roads, bridges and tunnels for the movement of citizens and commerce.
• Repair or replace dams and levees. After major storms, these breaking and crumbling infrastructures are destroying local neighborhoods. The Army Corps of Engineers warned of the weakening levees protecting New Orleans years before Hurricane Katrina.  Nothing was done and millions suffered.

Instead of sending jobs overseas, let’s keep the money home. Put people to work to rebuild our nation. That is what will help our economy and our people to recover with a fiscal security we have not felt in years.

When people say “government doesn’t create jobs,” who is making that statement? Some one employed by our government? No. Government employees and those who work under government contracts know that they receive a livable wage that is invested in our nation’s economy. Jobs to rebuild our country’s infrastructure, backed by the government, are excellent taxpayer returns.

Are You Being Represented?

national security

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Are you safe? Threats to our national security are changing. We need to insure that our defense budget addresses the evolving threats against Americans abroad and at home. The radical extremists who threaten our country and our citizens don’t just use missiles, guns, bullets, ships and tanks. They are waging unconventional war with cyber weapons. With just one computer, a cyber terrorist sitting at a desk any where in the world can potentially disrupt our economy and communications. How do we defend against this?

Let’s not wait for this to happen. Let’s be proactive in protecting our people. We’ve already seen breaches in our security from Russia, Iran, North Korea and China. We need to update our technology and bring great minds together to protect our nation. If we do not apply today’s technologies and create new ones to address cyber terrorism, we are opening ourselves up to a threat that could cripple our nation with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

Are You Being Represented?

These are just a few of the issues that I want to address as your Representative.

Please visit my Issues page to learn even more.

I am fighting for you and our future. My campaign is grassroots by choice. District 11 needs a member in Congress who represents YOU. Period.

If you are not sure if you are being represented, please check out the links below. See how you have been represented in the past.