Who Is Dave Koller?

I’m Dave Koller and I’m running for Congress for Florida’s 11th District.

I am originally from Long Island. My father, as his father before him, was a small-town independent pharmacist. By age 13, I was working in my father’s business and soon discovered a passion for serving my community, especially those who had no one to advocate for them.

In 1996, I started to develop programs that teach supportive living skills. My programs assist our disabled neighbors navigate independent living and job training. Through my efforts, many of my clients no longer need to stay in state run institutions. In 1998, I founded Developmental Service Trainers, which provides non-resident support services to developmentally disabled adults of Marion County.

My small business benefits the community in many ways. It relieves the state from the expense and burden of institutionalizing people, while encouraging individuals to be productive members of the community. It provides employment for our staff, and gives myself and my wife, Victoria an opportunity to serve others.

The lessons that I have learned throughout my career taught me to negotiate my way through bureaucracy keeping in mind the needs of my clients and to work within a sometimes unjust and confusing system. It can be difficult to reach consensus with opposing sides, but I can always find areas of agreement that can be built upon.

I am a husband, father to 4 daughters and we have 10 rescue dogs and two rescue cats. My life is very rewarding, and I’m excited to work on new challenges. I know I have more to give.