• People over Politics 
    Special interest groups have purchased the people who are elected to represent us. Until our leaders actually start to represent their constituents and not just vote only along party lines, many of the issues that are important to you and your future are ignored. Many politicians sell themselves to the highest bidder without ever considering if what they are doing is right for the American people. That is not me. I want all Americans to be heard and know that their vote matters. As your Congressman I will fight to overturn Citizen’s United.  Corporations are not people and money is not speech!
  • Seniors and Veterans
    We are morally obligated, as a nation, to care for our citizens who have worked hard and helped build our nation. We are safe because of them. We prosper because of them.  I will fight to stop the privatization of the VA, social security and Medicare. Our veterans and seniors are not for sale. This is the promise we made and this is the promise we need to keep.
  • Equality of Opportunity
    Our nation was founded upon the idea of opportunity for all. As your representative it is my goal to protect your rights and to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans. In America today, there are still those that are not granted the same opportunities as others. This is unacceptable. I will work in Washington to make sure that everyone has the same chance to succeed and build their future.
  • Increasing the Living Wage
    It is imperative to insure that everyone who works a full-time job earns enough to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Corporations have created an environment where they purposely underpay their employees and rely on the government to provide for employees’ basic needs.  Increasing the minimum wage would decrease the dependency on food stamps, public housing and other programs for many struggling workers. I will support that increase and support legislation that benefits employed Americans.
  • Rebuilding our Infrastructure
    A thriving infrastructure creates a strong and successful nation, provides secure jobs for generations of Americans and creates a robust economy. Infrastructure bills are being pushed to the side and that must stop. As your Congressman, my goal is to reach compromises that will get the work started. We can’t wait any longer.
  • Protecting our Environment
    As Florida residents, it is impossible to ignore the evidence of climate change and the impact that human consumption has on our state. We need common-sense legislation that preserves our natural resources and encourages research and implementation of alternative, green energy sources. We need to look at innovative solutions and not let the influence of the energy company lobbyists limit our options. You can be assured that with me as your Congressman, I will do what is right and that is preserving our environment’s future.


I founded Protect Our Water, a citizen activist group, to bring attention to the excessive removal of water from the Floridan Aquifer. You can learn more about this work at