Trump Is Everything We Teach Our Children Not To Be

“When the billionaire Republican activist and Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last month, it had almost nothing to do with Clinton or her politics.
In an interview with the New York Times, Whitman lashed out against the GOP nominee Donald Trump, calling him ‘a dishonest demagogue’ who has ‘undermined the character of the nation.’
A month before, Whitman had spoken with Clinton by phone. While the former secretary of state didn’t offer ‘assurances on how she would govern,’ Whitman chose to give Clinton her vote. ‘I don’t agree with her on very many issues,’ Whitman told the newspaper, ‘but she’d be a much better president than Trump.”
Why some NYC real estate players are dumping Trump | The Real Deal

Trump is everything we all teach our children not to be.

He is divisive. He insults those who are vulnerable. His enemies grow daily. These are not traits of a leader – these are traits that we must never allow in the White House.

We are promoting the general welfare of capital profit over people. It is no longer about the general welfare of the nation, of the people. Corporations [such as the ones Donald Trump brags of owning…] in America, have created a model Capitalistic society, a social structure that is made to work for money – not we the people.

We the people aren’t working. It’s now we the money. It’s all about money. All the laws work for cdefeat trumporporations and money. This is what has ended up happening. This is why corporations are now people, write our laws, this is what happens in a (solely) capitalistic society, monies govern the people, rule our politicians, why would we expect any other result?! How could we expect any other result?!?

If you want to make America great again, then give it back to the people and take it away from the corporations. There is nothing better to govern themselves than the people themselves.

I believe that America is more than dollars and profit! I actually believe it’s about people, about justice, about equality. It is about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is about being who you are and the freedom to express your own ideas. If you work hard, you move ahead. That’s why so many Americans are angry – because no matter how hard you fight, you work, you strive, to get ahead, you can’t because the government and the system is not built for people, it is built for crony capitalism. But we each have our roles to play to ensure a better future for all of us. My place right now is representing my community, as we continue this revolution all the way to the halls of congress and reclaim the people’s voice.

I am a small business owner in Marion County. I have spent my career advocating for people with a developmental disability, and I know how to cut through bureaucratic red tape.

As your Representative, I will bring that know-how to Congress, and stop the career politician gridlock.

I will continue to look out for my fellow Americans because that’s what I believe this nation is. I believe that not only are we independent, but we are interdependent because only united can we move forward. Only United, can we make any progress. Only United are we the people going to take our government away from these false public and civil servants, corporate influence, and once again take a leadership role in the world.

When we the people lead, when we the people come together, WE the people and the United States of America wins! Hell the whole world wins. So let all of us band together and unite!

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