Why I Am Running

In 2013, Congress shut down our government. This grandstanding cost the taxpayers – you and me – an estimated 20 Billion dollars. Money that with the right leadership should have been used to address the issues our nation faced. Like you, I am sick and tired of the obstruction, the party politics, and the waste. Florida is a very diverse state, with very specific needs. While we share many issues with the rest of the nation, we have concerns that are unique to Florida’s economic and environmental wellbeing.

I am running for Congress to serve the constituents of the 11th District, not to make money from special interest groups that have agendas that are not in the best interest of our citizens. My campaign prides itself on being a grassroots effort, powered by people just like you. I refuse to go to Washington owing anyone but the people of the 11th District.


I have learned throughout my career to listen to people. I have heard time and time again, many of our citizens feel that the system works against them. The middle class carries more than their fair share of the tax burden, our veterans and senior services are under constant threat and our educational system is inadequate and reduces the ability of our upcoming generation to compete on a national or international level.

While our economy is improving, our policies are not rewarding the citizens, nor is it supporting their economic stability. We need leaders that care about our citizens and are willing to help us realize our goals like obtaining a good education, homeownership and the chance to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Fair wages, equitable distribution of productivity gains, access to education without crushing debt, and meaningful job education programs for our nation’s workforce, will provide opportunity for personal growth and economic stability.

As your Congressman, you can count on my consistent vote for the issues that you care about, the issues that affect you, your family and their future. There will be no future for America if we do not make sure that the opportunity to succeed is available to all.